Tottenham has offered to Real Madrid signing of Christian Eriksen


One of the pending chapters that Real Madrid has to close in terms of possible reinforcements is the midfield. With the first choice of Paul Pogba pending the meeting that will maintain the French with the leaders of Manchester United on his return from vacation, the Madridista entity keeps moving looking for alternatives. Donny Van de Beek is today the most feasible option as long as the operation does not go beyond 50 million euros. The Christian Eriksen seemed discarded, but the direct offer of Tottenham has reactivated a possibility that seemed dormant. So much so that one of the Danish player’s lawyers is scheduled to travel this week to Madrid to see first-hand the intention of the leaders madridistas regarding the future of their represented. Martin Schoots has a date with the white dome once he has reiterated to Daniel Levy his desire not to renew for Tottenham and to seek life away from London.
The contacts of the player’s environment with the Real Madrid entity go back two years ago, but the refusal of Tottenham to negotiate last summer or, rather, to do it over 150 million euros, stopped the understanding that seemed to exist. In the last months the dialogue reappeared, but it was stuck a month ago before the clear decision of Zinedine Zidane to sign Pogba. Now there are two factors that are playing in the Danish backstage. On the one hand the official offer of the English club and on the other the refusal of Manchester United to negotiate the possible departure of the French. Right now, only a position of strength of the world champion could propitiate again a negotiation to achieve the signing of Pogba. There is no other. In the case of Van de Beek, he began to see it as a future option and the market is placing him as an alternative rather than a valid one as long as the price does not go beyond 50 million. *