The three points are left at home: Wolfsburg’s win against FC Augsburg (8-1)


Wolfsburg and FC Augsburg finished their participation in the competition with a victory by Wolfsburg for an 8-1 result. The premises, at the end of the match, are in sixth place in the standings, while FC Augsburg is placed in fifteenth place.

The first team to score was the Wolfsburg team, which started its light by means of a Weghorst goal at 21 minutes. Then he returned to score the home side thanks to another goal from Weghorst in the 37th minute to establish the 2-0. Again marked the local team thanks to a Knoche goal just before the end of the match, specifically in the 41, ending the first time with a 3-0 on the scoreboard.

The second part of the game started in a positive way for Wolfsburg, who distanced himself with a new goal from Weghorst, who achieved a hat-trick in the 55th minute. Later he scored the Wolfsburg team, who distanced himself by setting the 5-0 half a goal by Ginczek in the 57th minute. Wolfsburg added again, increasing distances by 6-0 thanks to Rexhbecaj’s goal in the 60th minute. But later a goal by Schieber cut distances to the visiting team in the 82nd minute. However, the home side distanced itself by setting up a 7-1 thanks to a goal from Brekalo in the 85th minute. Again the home team scored, which increased the score thanks to a goal in his own goal of Danso on the verge of the end, in 89, thus closing the game with a final score of 8-1.

In the chapter of substitutions, it was a match in which both coaches made all their changes. The players from Wolfsburg who entered the game were Malli, Brekalo and Klaus to replace Mehmedi, Roussillon and Rexhbecaj, while changes from FC Augsburg were Danso, Morávek and Schieber, who came in to supply Gouweleeuw, Janker and Ji Dong-Won .

In the match the referee showed two yellow cards to the visiting team. Specifically, he showed yellow cards to Hahn and Simon Asta.

Wolfsburg occupies the sixth place in the qualifying table, in position to access Europa League, with 55 points after having played this match for the last day of the Bundesliga, while FC Augsburg is placed in fifteenth position with 32 points .