Preview: Wolfsburg visits Stuttgart at the Mercedes-Benz-Arena


Next Saturday at 15:30 they will face Stuttgart and Wolfsburg at the Mercedes-Benz-Arena on the thirtieth day of the Bundesliga.

Stuttgart try to improve their performance in the championship after losing the last duel against Hertha BSC by a score of 3-1. Since the beginning of the season, the locals have won in 6 of the 32 matches played so far, with 29 goals scored against 70 conceded.

On the visitors’ side, Wolfsburg managed to win in their last two games against Nürnberg in their stadium and Hoffenheim away from home, 2-0 and 1-4 respectively, so they hopefully visit their stadium at the stadium. Stuttgart. To date, of the 32 games that Wolfsburg has played in the Bundesliga, he has won in 15 of them with 54 goals scored against 46 conceded.

If we pay attention to the performance as a home team, Stuttgart has a balance of 5 wins, 7 losses and 4 draws in 16 games played in their fief, figures that indicate that the team could have complicated to win this match. In the paper of visitor, the Wolfsburg has a balance of 8 victories, 6 defeats and 2 ties in 16 duels disputed, reason why the confrontation could be of most hard fought between both equipment.

As for the previous matches of the Bundesliga between both teams in this stadium, Stuttgart has won 12 times to Wolfsburg, while this has done so 5 times. In the 3 remaining matches the rivals signed a draw. Also, the locals are those who have won more times at home against Wolfsburg and have done so in the last 2 occasions. The last meeting in the Bundesliga between both teams was played in December 2018 and ended with a score of 2-0 in favor of the visitors.

If we analyze their position in the Bundesliga qualifying table, we see that between Stuttgart and Wolfsburg there is a difference of 28 points. The team of Nico Willig is placed in the sixteenth position with 24 points in the box. For its part, visitors are in seventh place with 52 points.