Porto against Sporting: to win or die


A victory combined with a defeat of Benfica would give title to the Dragons

Last hope.  Porto, the team where Mexicans Jesús Manuel Corona and Héctor Herrera play, will receive Sporting de Lisboa at Estadio de Dragão today, as part of the last day of the Primeira Liga de Portugal.

There is no going back for the Dragons, winning or winning this in the minds of the pupils of Sergio Conceiçao, lose or draw would practically leave them without enjoying the glory of the championship, and after thrashing as a visitor to the National 4-0, there is no doubt which is a now or never for them.

Meanwhile, after being out for the Gold Cup, the Aztec players want to finish the season with a title, especially Héctor Herrera, who will say goodbye to Lusitanian football to emigrate to another place in the Old Continent.

At the moment, the Porto is in second place with 82 points, one victory and the defeat of the current leader, Benfica (84 points), they would give the exact combination to put them on top and therefore be champions, but they will have to wait what his nemesis does tomorrow when he receives Santa Clara as a local, since he has a difference of +16 goals.

Meanwhile, the Sporting Lions equalized at home against Tondela by a goal, and before this they will seek to close their season with a win and try to break the illusions of Porto.

The Lisbon team is located in third place and will practically not move from there, whatever happens with the result, since the amount of points they have (74) puts them very far from going up or down in the table, only They will have to find the match and add.

The future of the Mexican midfielder Héctor Herrera remains suspended. His possible link with Olympique Lyonnais in the French League would be stalled, due to a condition of the player of the Tricolor.

The negotiations between Lyon and Héctor Herrera would be in a pause, because the midfielder asked for an extra bonus of 20 million euros to sign with them.

This amount would be added to the fixed salary that he would receive during the years of contract with the French club. The directive already analyzes it to reach an early agreement.

One thing is for sure with Herrera’s next team, and that is that he will not have to pay Porto anything to get his services. This, because it will be a free agent after not renewing.