Milan seriously penalizes a player who is late for training


Milan penalizes midfielder Tiemue Bakayoko with 90,000 euros for a one-hour lag for training. Due to the offense, the player will not be offered a permanent contract and will be returned to Chelsea, which holds the player’s rights, Sport Mediaset said.

Bakuyoo was late for an hour for Milan’s training session, justifying that he had run out of his car on Milano’s ring road on his way to the club’s training ground.

Bakuyo transferred to Chelsea for a summer deal with Chelsea last summer for $ 5 million, with the € 35 million redeeming option, which will not be triggered.

Bakuoko also prefers to return to Chelsea for racial insults by Lazio fans during the match between the two teams last month.

This season, Serie A Baccaccio has 28 matches and 1 goal for Milan.