Mauricio Pochettino, in Tottenham’s ‘Media Day’ before the final: “We are facing a match perhaps only comparable to the final of the World Cup.”


Mauricio Pochettino, coach of Tottenham Hotspur, said at a press conference that he is facing the best moment of the five years he has spent in the English team. On the day that marks five years since he signed his first contract with Tottenham, Pochettino attended the media as a preview of the final of the Champions League to be played next Saturday against Liverpool.

“I’m enjoying myself a lot and thinking a lot, it’s my best moment in the last five years, today five years ago since I signed … We’ve worked very hard, but I enjoy it, we’re facing one of the best games you can play. Maybe it’s only comparable to the World Cup final, it’s a privilege to be here on Saturday, we are fortunate to have had three weeks of preparation, “said the Argentine.

Pochettino was questioned about whether the decision to elect the starting eleven will be complicated or not and the coach announced that he intends to take the 23 players to the field to take the official photo before the start of the match.

“When I played the Copa del Rey final against Zaragoza I was one of the captains of the team and I thought about putting all the players in the photo before, because all the players want to play and those who win will be in the photo and the The rest is not fair, the players care about that, because it mattered to me, so we’ll see if we have the opportunity to put the 23 on the photo on Saturday, so that all of them are the heroes, not just the eleven “, he pointed.

The physical situation of Harry Kane, suffering from a ligament injury of the ankle, also came to the fore.

“Harry Kane, in the last week, he has started to be with the group, the feeling is positive, we have a week ahead and on Saturday we will evaluate how he is progressing, it is important that he feels good and we will see what happens. now if he is going to start from the beginning or not, but I am happy with how he is progressing, “said the Argentine.

Pochettino did not want to talk about his future and said that “nothing is more important” than the party they have ahead.

“What happens in the future with me does not matter more than the Champions League or the possibility of winning a trophy or the team, the focus is 100% in the final, there will be time to talk about it later,” he added.

Regarding his rival, Liverpool, Pochettino said they can not prepare the final thinking about past games and that the circumstances are “completely different”.