Godín says goodbye between tears of Atlético: “These are my last two games”

The Uruguayan announced on Tuesday that he will leave the Metropolitan at the end of the season; After 9 years, the statistics do not lie.

“I have cited them because they are obviously my last two games at Atlético de Madrid, I wanted to tell them, they would hear it through my mouth, because of the love I have for this club and this shirt, because I am another fan”. “Because of the respect I have for myself, this has not only been a club, it has been a family for me, it has been my home and it is difficult to say goodbye,” Diego Godín said at a press conference on Tuesday. For Atlético de Madrid, he has not been just a player either. And since the numbers do not lie, it is worth reviewing, in the hands of Opta, that they are from Godín in the Spanish capital. The conclusion? The Uruguayan, eight titles later (1 League, 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Spanish Supercopa, 2 Europa League, 3 European Supercup) is a living legend of the entity of Madrid.

After nine years of protection for the athletic shield, Rokin is a foreign player with more games played in the history of the club in all competitions: he played a total of 387 games, so he will leave with 389 (the last two days of Lalga). He is also the Uruguayan player with most matches in the history of the Spanish League: he plays 366, adding 275, which he signed with Atletico and 91, which he made with Villarreal. But he is also the Uruguayan player with most of the games in the history of the Champions League: 7 with Villarreal and 52 with Atletico, binding 59 engagements performed by Essonne Cavani.


Undoubtedly in the eleven since arriving at Atletico de Madrid, Godin is the player with the most games as a starter in all the rojiblanco club competitions (380). In his nine seasons in the crosstalk, he played 269 matches as a starter in Laliga, surpassing only two players at the time: his current teammate Antoine Grisman (291) and Barca Lionel Messi (283).

Obviously, this is one of Diego Simeone’s favorites: only Koke Resurrección (376) has played more matches with Atlético than Bodin (342) in all competitions under the leadership of Cholo. In Spain, no one has deviated from the danger as much as from arriving in Lalga in 2010. And it is that Godin is the player with the most blows (1542) and most of the deviations (901) in the national race after arriving Atlético.

But he not only avoided goals, he also did them. And what if they did: no Atlético de Madrid player has scored more head goals in all competitions than Godín since his arrival at the set mattress (23 of his 27 goals were headed, 85%). Thus, it is the second LaLiga defense that has scored the most goals in all competitions since the beginning of the 2010/11 season, after Sergio Ramos (32)
Obviously, Atlético de Madrid has won a greater percentage of LaLiga matches with Simeone as coach when Godín (64.3%) has played without him (55.6%), and has conceded a somewhat higher average of goals (0.8) without the Uruguayan than with him (0.7). The numbers do not lie, Godín is a legend.