De Ligt advised to snub PSG in favour of Barcelona or Man City move


The signing of Matthijs de Ligt, either by FC Barcelona or by PSG seems that it will not be resolved in the coming days. Apart from the doubts of the player, there is a circumstance revealed by the French newspaper L’Équipe that would lengthen the situation, at least, until July 1.

It is about the financial situation of the PSG in terms of the economic ‘Fair Play’ that the rules of UEFA. The French team should wait, as assured L’Équipe, until July 1 to sign the Dutch central if you do not want to break the rules. So that everything occurs in an orderly manner and without missing the aforementioned economic Fair Play, the hypothetical signing of De Ligt should compute in the 2019/20 season.

In the information they add that Mino Raiola, agent of the player, saw with the leaders of the PSG in Paris and that the Parisians are optimistic, although the own Raiola was in charge this Wednesday to say that the thing of Of Ligt to the PSG were “fake news” .