David Luiz: “Burnley practiced antifútbol”


The Brazilian central criticized hard the way of playing of Burnley after the tie of Chelsea in Stamford Bridge. “It’s hard to play against such a team,” he said.

Chelsea could not get past the draw against Burnley and lost a golden opportunity to distance themselves from Arsenal and United who had lost their matches. The fight for the Champions positions in the Premier is red hot and that is why stumbles like yesterday still hurt more.

David Luiz, after the match, was angry about the point but also had time to charge hard against the defensive game of Burnley: “We tried everything to try to win, but it is difficult to play against a team that has two chances, score two goals and does not want to play the game. Burnley tried to lose time from the first minute and practiced anti-football. This is how difficult it is to play. ”

The rival was not the only one pointed out by David Luiz. The Brazilian also decided to criticize the performance of the referee trio: “The referee is the authority on the pitch and when he is not there to try to review what is happening on green is difficult.”